I love what I do!

I was born and raised in mid-Michigan. When I decided I wanted to go into theatre as a Junior in high school my parents helped me make my chosen profession happen. My mother did a lot of researching in regards to what I needed to do to get into a university for a degree in theatre while I focused on school work and all my extra curriculars. In the end, all of the work paid off and I attended Western Michigan University, loving every minute of it. Before going to WMU I had never heard of summer stock. The summer after my Sophomore year I started my summer stock career at Texas Shakespeare Festival. Again, I loved every minute and spent a total of five summers in Kilgore, TX. After graduating from WMU and my third summer in Texas I started my masters program at Florida State University. Although grueling, I again loved every minute of my education. I moved on from Texas Shakes and started working  at the Berkshire Theatre Group in western Massachusetts. My first summer there and first summer post grad school I failed, like so many do, to get a full time gig for the coming fall. In the end, I finally landed a job at George Street Playhouse in New Jersey, started working at Glimmerglass Festival in New York state, and have now come to call Princeton University my home. Go Tigers!


A favorite game I like to play while walking around Princeton is to smile at the other pedestrian as I pass by. I always enjoy the reaction I get since people on the east coast aren't used to such behavior. This is my attempt to bring the midwest out east!

A midwest gal in the northeast.

© 2018 Julia Kosanovich