A midwest gal in the northeast

I was born and raised in mid-Michigan, and I will still use my hand as a map when asked where I'm from. I attended Western Michigan University, and loved every minute of it. The summer after my Sophomore year I started my summer stock career at Texas Shakespeare Festival. Again, I loved every minute and spent five summers in Kilgore, TX. After graduating from WMU I started my masters program at Florida State University. Although grueling, again I loved every minute. In the summer of 2011 I started working  at the Berkshire Theatre Group in western Massachusetts. After graduating with my MFA and my first summer at BTG I, like so many others, did not secure a full time gig for the coming fall. In the end, I landed on my feet at George Street Playhouse in New Jersey, started working at Glimmerglass Festival in New York State. I have now come to call the northeast and Princeton University my home.


Go Tigers!